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Hi, I'm Mike McClain. I've been designing websites and other online stuff since 1999. In that time I have created dozens of full websites and marketing campaigns, hundreds of email blasts, and other assorted micro-websites along with working in non-design buzzwords like SEO, Analytics, Wordpress, Joomla, and more. Check out my work or shoot me an email for free web design tips and advice.


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HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Joomla Templates, Wordpress Templates, Bootstrap, SEO, Google Analytics, and a bunch more Web Design/Front End/Backend/CMS buzzwords. The main thing is the conversation after you check out my work and decide you'd like me to work for you in some capacity.

"Online Web Stuff" Experience

You can't exaclty catorgorize design and templates for email blasts as Web Design. Nor SEO, Google Anylatics, and other online stuff. But I have 7 plus years in Email Marketing. I have 16 years in regular Website Design experience. Its how it goes. You learn new areas of online stuff as you go. I've been going since 1999.

Freelancing and Tips

I am not currently available for freelance web design projects. But still feel free to shoot me an email about your project. I don't take on every project but do enjoy accepting and working on projects new to me with the upside for both being the work creates something new for my skill experience and portfolio plus clients getting a better deal. I also consult.

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